Monday, June 30, 2008


I have indicated earlier on, in my previous article, that, our people of North Eastern Province or for that matter, NFD don't consider the Ksh 2 Billion as significant money from the Kenyan budget to develop the province attain 2030 Kenya's industrilization goals, given the backwardness and marginalization we suffered for the past 30 years(Proxy Shifta War) and state of emergencies.

Infact, in 1997, Hon Adan Keynan (Wajir West), being the staunchest MP from North Eastern Province faulted the goverment and accused it of failing to do much, to develop NEP. 10 years ago, Hon Keynan insisted that if the government was sincere with it's motives to develop NEP, it should source close Ksh 39 Billion we have missed out from three decades development periods that translated to neglect and marginalization.

Last week again, Hon.Keynan was among the four MP's at the press conference complaining of "little money" given to the Ministry for Northern Kenya, A Ministry set up to "develop" NFD, claiming that is just a "ploy" to keep Somali votes and would not help the region anyway.

At the public conference, Kenya's Livestock Assistant minister and Dujis MP Hon. Aden Dualle, said the ministry could not do much with the Sh400 million recently allocated in the Budget and that it was a waste of time and energy. Although records at the Finance Ministry show that the ministry was allocated Sh2.4 billion in this financial year, we feel it is too little

The MP's expressed the region's slow path to recovery of vital interests of Northern Kenya people including development of Education, , Roads, Health, Exploration of Minerals(Oil, Gypsum, Ore)Development of Livestock and Tourism Prospects.

"Our fears that the new ministry was created for political expediency have been confirmed. If the Government cannot treat it with the seriousness it gives Health and Education then it better be scrapped," said Dualle.

"We do not want a ministry by name only. We want a ministry that will construct roads. The Budget is a slap in the face for the region," Wajir West MP Mr Aden Keynan said.

"We demand real money to develop the province or it should be done away with," Wajir South MP Abdirahaman Hassan Olow while speaking from his Wajir South District during this year's North Eastern Province Education Day last weekend.

However, the man in charge of the ministry, Ibrahim Elmi Fai, said it had the full support of President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga although he acknowledges the money is small and is expecting some assistance from donors funds and NGO's.