Saturday, May 31, 2008


Everyone in Kenya is atleast happy for now, Kenya is returning back to normal, albeit the post election clashes and Kofi Annan Negotiations, but there is an anxiety.
Kenyans and millions of US citizens have one big left.For Barrack "Obama" to clinch the Democratic Presidential Nominations and the US presidency.

No where has that created "anxiety" than in Kenya, Obama's father home country and this week, Kenyans together with democratic voters are glued to TV screens in anxiety over who will clinch the nominations.

So far, Obama has an advantage in terms of overall campaigns, see and is hell bent on clinching the nominations over Hillary Clinton, This week.Today, party officials on the Rules and Bylaws Committee are meeting in an attempt to settle the Michigan and Florida issue.

"We're going to urge folks to make a decision quickly - next week," Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told a San Francisco radio station on 29 May.

By 4 June, we are likely to have answers to two of the most important questions that have been hanging over the race, and spreading uncertainty.
Back home Kenya, Rtd American congressman Walter Fauntroy maintains that, Obama has done "enough" to clinch the US presidency and that Kenya was now firmly on the international map.

"Senator Barrack Obama of Illinois, remains a strong, serious and credible contender for the American presidency," he noted.