Thursday, February 07, 2008


Finnish Embassy in Kenya, have you heard about it, I rarely hear about it, says it has been threatened by terrorist, (they don't specify) for unknown reasons by people who send them e-mails using Somali names.

Finland, as some bloggers say, should alert their Embassy staff not to try to destablize an already "Volatile Kenyan crisis" by implying that terrorists, be they christians or Muslims want to bomb them at this time.Their Embassy, they say, was categorically "singled" out as the the "criminals" haven't even e-mailed other Embassies including the US Embassy about the activities.(Do u believe them or it was the Normal Nigerian spam e-mails)

Kenya is in deep crisis and many of these so called Embassies are becoming a "liability" and finnish embassy staffs should be aware using Somali as a name, might include many innocent Somali people who may be implicated in a "swoop" and should kindly use the word "Somali" properly.

The fact that nowadays, everyone in the world with a internet connection can write some threatening letter, as Nigerians do, should not fool the Finnish Embassy in Kenya as having been threatened by terrorism.

It is "the anger" of change maybe....but check below, the Old note of the 90's.I don't know how it came to me but finally makes me remember my school days.