Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I am perturbed that Many International Newspapers including the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Times of the UK assume that what is happening in Kenya is between The Gikuyus and The Luos.
The issue at the core of Kenya's "Silent" politics is the Distribution of resources to various Majimbos (Enclaves/Federal regions) and dominance of the Gikuyus everywhere.Whereas you see the Gikuyus enjoy fertile lands, they added in their baskets plum jobs from the Government and have had 2 presidents in the past, Kenyatta and Kibaki, thereby dominating politics and favours.
Distribution of resources is single most important aspect of revolution change happening in Kenya and that is why Kenyans voted out this regime.
The president Lost 6 provinces out of 8 and has more votes in only One province.The other is shared between Him and the "Miracle" wiper man who put Kenyans in all these scenarios.(I don't know where he took his "kamba" group.
3/4 of his Kenya's cabinet Ministers have been voted out including the Vice President, Uncle Moody .
Nairobi Province votes has been taken by ODM together with another 100 Constituencies from all over Kenya.
These elections have been understood by other Kenyans to be an Orange revolution.The people who voted out the Government are not only Luos but Kalenjins, Massai, Luhya, Swahilis, Somalis and the rest.I am still wondering How the "rigged" president would help Kenya as even Western Countries are avoiding to legalize his Government.USA was caught "congratulating Kibaki only to rescind their decision.
I once remembered Kivuitu's Joke at the Election Board in KICC that Kibaki and his henchmen
may Rely to do some business with China...Because Chinese love business so much and they can work together.
But with the majority of MPs in parliament, Mr Odinga enjoys Public Support and Will Not join any kind of coalition with Mr Kibaki, or to talk to him unless Kibaki first steps down.

"The conditions under which we are prepared to negotiate is that Kibaki must first accept that he did not win the elections," he said.

"If he agrees to negotiate we can go back and negotiate. Votes can be tallied afresh, we can have international team to come. We are willing to have an international panel of judges to come and hear the case here."