Saturday, January 26, 2008


We, as Kenyans are deeply traumatised by the way Kenya is going to the dogs.Reading from the news in, around 30-40 kenyans have lost their lives in Nakuru and there is end.Kenyans are worried.The political class is entangled near the parliament sipping tea and watching TV.Everyone is suggesting a solution, but the problem is bigger than "normal" killing of each other.

There are "other" underlying problems beside ethnic which have long been ignored.As Michael Ranneburger, US ambassador told NY times,

" Mr. Ranneberger said the fighting, even in the Rift Valley, was not purely ethnic but “politically, economically and socially motivated,” stemming from tensions over land and the perception that Mr. Kibaki’s ethnic group, the Kikuyu, had marginalized others. He said the violence in the Rift Valley after the election appeared to have been organized because of the involvement of large numbers of heavily armed men who seemed to strike just minutes after the disputed results were announced".

The disputes can only be rectified by assuming a fresh way of dealing with the problems.The UK, previously the colonial power must do some more hardwork in trying to put the country together as before.The UK Government has not still recognized the Kibaki Government as thus all other countries except Uganda and Somalia(Failed states).

Now, the focus is shifting on the presidential re-run which ODM and RAILA group have suggested might end the violence and bring justice.If Raila's Group opposed Kibaki's to have won the election, I think, in the interest of Kenya, Mr.Kibaki should accept to re-run the election to clear the air as to who won.

The elections should be undertaken by some other "entities" as The ECK lost some credibility status and should hence be disbanded.

What is your say about these issues?