Saturday, January 05, 2008


I have myself to argue but when I hear Kenyans and those who ain't Kenyan argue about the predicament Kenya is in, assuming that the Just "rigged elections" precipitated a Luo-Gikuyu war or that we should it take it simple, I need to join and explain the story.

The election of 2007 was a very important election in Kenya's history as it was a generational change.The Kenya;s Vice president and a host of another 24 mainly Old cabinet including Njenga Karume, Kombo, Moody Awori were thrown out as a kind of a new generation with a solution to Kenyan problems.

The election of 2007 for kenya was an important step towards rebuilding Kenya afresh and that is why you see after the ECK flawed the whole process, chaos erupted, the chaos is not between Kikuyus and Luos perse, but Chaos in the whole of Kenya.

The elections were a hope for Kenya as it would have eliminated Corruption, devolved resources, No Marginalization of the minorities including Muslims, CDF would have been increased, Security would have boosted both internally and outside, Civil service reforms and a boost to industries, Businessmen/women, the youth, The women, atleast all Kenyans would have benefited.That was the ODM and Raila for that matter cultivated a rapport with the people of Kenya and promised them that resources will leave Nairobi and come to regions.

Kenyans were happy and that is why they went to vote in Millions to attain Just that.

Raila Got votes in all provinces in Kenya and was heading 6 provinces while his main Rival, Mwai Kibaki was leading in just one province and that is Central, a rich agricultural land with a 99% Gikuyu residency.

The party raila leads ODM was already over 100 newly elected MPS to serve the 10th parliament with their president Raila at the head.


When the ECK was remaining with just 5% of the votes and Raila was way ahead, exubirating confidence and Kenyans had high hopes of getting some change, This man who heads ECK, Samuel Kivuitu messed it all.Two days ago and he says, he was pressured to announce results by PNU, A government related party.

This guy told the world that some of his returning officers have gone underground, and that he did not have powers to even get them on phone.

If you watch this video, you will see why many Kenyans lost hope of ECK totally.

On the day the results were being announced, Kivuitu and two other commissioners huddled in a tiny room and, exclusively through state-funded Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, announced President Kibaki re-elected. Within an hour, the President was sworn in at State House at a function in which the national anthem was not played and in the absence of the diplomatic corps. Then the country was thrown into chaos.

A Special Gazette Notice No. 12612 was issued declaring Mr Kibaki the president.

Mr Kivuitu deliberately misled the world and subverted the law.

Mr Kivuitu will one day be held to account for the bloodshed and property destroyed.
The country’s unity and future rest on his shoulders, and he cannot pass the buck.

The chaos going on is a generational chaos and is not only happening in Luos areas, it is happening in Rift valley, coast and in Western towns apart from the Massai Land.

The only solution is for Kibaki to respect the wishes of Kenyans and to listen to various initiatives that tells him he has not won a fair election.

Time will tell.