Thursday, January 03, 2008


The renowned South African Bishop Desmond Tutu, A nobel Prize Winner will arrive to attend the ODM rally at Uhuru Park Today, Sources from Aljazeera says,

In other stories, UASU The Universities Academic Staff Union have advised Kibaki to Resign,

"The most logical thing for the Government to do after ECK Chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu, and some of his commissioners admitted that the process was flawed is to resign," Uasu Secretary-General, Mr Muga K’Olalehe said.

Raila Odinga's claim that Kibaki stole the vote gained further credence on Wednesday when the head of the country’s election commission admitted he was not entirely sure who the victor was.

"I do not know," Samuel Kivuitu, who pronounced Kibaki the winner on Sunday, said on being asked if he was certain that Kibaki had won fairly.

Kivuitu earlier said all sides pressurised him to release the result hastily.

Kivuitu, head of Kenya's election commission, told the BBC's Network Africa programme that he could not say for sure if Mr Kibaki had won fairly until he was shown the original records.

"I don't know until I see the records - the original records - which I can't see unless the court authorises it - if we can get authority from law allowing us to check whether these figures are correct, we'll do so," he said.

Meanwhile, The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) wants Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa to oversee fresh tallying of the disputed presidential election results.

In a statement, KHRC chairman, Prof Makau Mutua, said:

"President Kibaki must agree to an independent review of the tally of the presidential ballots. Kibaki, Odinga and (Kalonzo) Musyoka should invite Archbishop Tutu to chair a panel to review the vote tally," he said.