Friday, December 14, 2007


Anyone who wants to be a Kenyan President should not have a problem with a televised public debate, say Mr Mwalimu Mati, Harun Ndubi and others, reminding us Mr Mwai Kibaki participated in a live debate in 1997. What has changed? Well, for starters, the man doesn’t just want to be President, he is President. He does have a point when he says a debate has no value for his campaign: If voters haven’t heard him articulate his ideas by now, he should be packing his bags!

Ah, the joys of dealing with political greenhorns. Kenyans will have to get used to spending much of 2008 learning just how little of the law our new lawmakers know. Already a number of women candidates have begun the steep learning curve after US Ambassador, Mr Michael Ranneberger, turned down their request for campaign funding, reminding them direct support would be illegal under both Kenyan and US law!

What ails the English FA? (The English Football Association)
After Kevin Keegan (who should never have been manager of the Three Lions, successful though he was as a player) they brought in Erickson. His Lazio club had not won anything spectacular and his previous charges had not won anything big either. But Erickson knew a good female leg when he saw one and chased it.
Keegan, for his part, knew how to resign before he could be pushed. Enter Maclaren and you must wonder whether FA were serious about giving such a huge job to a guy who had won nothing at his club as manager and had lived in Alex Ferguson’s shadow at Old Trafford. Did you say the English invented football? When will they learn to play it?

Is ODM ‘Prime Minister-in-waiting’ Mr William Ruto unwilling to wait six months to get the promised post? He recently told a crowd in Western, Mr Musalia Mudavadi’s turf, Rift Valley would take the Vice-Presidency if Western "joke around". That’s one way to scare them into voting right!

And finally...

The next step in prison reform — litigation! An Israeli judge has ordered the country’s prison authority to pay an inmate over $1,000 in compensation after he complained of having to share a cell with cockroaches.