Monday, October 01, 2007


ODM’s dream of a majimbo system of government is indeed exciting as every ethnic community or region will partake of the country’s national cake on an equal basis. Sample this:

When Mr Raila Odinga becomes president of Kenya, Mr Najib Balala will be governor of Coast State, Mr Musalia Mudavadi of Western State, Mr William Ruto of Rift Valley state, and Mr Joseph Nyaga of Mt Kenya State and so forth. Maybe a deal would be struck and President Kibaki will be the king of Central!

Is this the power sharing formula that has glued together the ODM's Pentagon team?

In the name of transparency, the ODM presidential candidate, Mr Raila Odinga, should reveal to other faiths and indeed to all Kenyans the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) he has signed with the Muslim community. Cutting selective and secret pre-election deals could be a recipe for disaster. Narc’s 2002 is a case in point. Or is it a case of a politician believing he can fool all the people at the same time, but just during elections?

‘An election is a moral horror, as bad as a battle except for the blood, a mudbath for every soul concerned in it, so said George Bernard Shaw. Does this statement mean anything to ODM-Kenya’s presidential candidate, Mr kalonzo Musyoka, now that his presidential ratings have nosedived?

A German man who had been drinking heavily at Munich’s Oktoberfest beer festival got stuck in a chimney for 12 hours while trying to climb into a friend’s apartment. The 27-year-old climbed on to the roof of a neighbouring building at about 2 am and headed for what he thought was a gap in the wall between the two houses.


And finally …

An Italian couple paid about Sh1m for a private helicopter to take their cat from Rome to Sardinia because it was afraid of planes and boats. Luigi and Donna DiMichele were moving house from the Italian capital to the island of Sardinia. Their black cat Fufi refused to go near any of the ferries they could have taken and was terrified of planes - but seemed happy around helicopters.