Monday, April 30, 2007

Tunajivunia kuwa Wakenya....

The much-touted 10 per cent reduction in the national poverty rate is unbelievable and can only be a political gimmick, Joab Apollo remarks. “What exactly has the Government done between last year when the people died of hunger in North Eastern and Eastern provinces, compelling President Kibaki to make an international appeal for relief food, and today? How do they come up with such plainly unconvincing statistics?” he asks.

Alarmed at the revelation that 50 per cent of the men who were recently tested for paternity in Kenya turned out not to be the biological fathers of their children, Andrew Okondo says this is a wake-up call to all men in Kenya to ensure that they do not live a lie all their lives. And the way to do so, he proposes, is to ensure that every child one sires undergoes a DNA test to prove paternity.

Kenya's Economy as an "African Hyena"......

The depiction of hyena as “lazy and cowardly” by people like Githuku Mungai is a myth that must now be dispelled to give a true account of this animal, says former game ranger Mboche Wanyoike. He says: “In reality cheetahs will hastily abandon their kill when Mr Hyena shows up. I was a game ranger and I think it’s time we gave this animal its due respect.”

The hyena maybe ugly but it’s not a cowardly and lazy animal, neither is it a wild dog, as alleged by Caleb Mulongo, who is opposed to its use as a symbol to capture Kenya’s recent progress, says Eric Amugune. “The hyena has the strongest pair of jaws, and is probably the only animal that can confront a lion for its kill. It’s a ruthless hunter that can start eating a live animal piece by piece.