Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Currently, Kenya has only one University for the name of it's capital city, Nairobi and that is, The University of Nairobi. “It’s time UoN got a sister, the University of Mombasa, for it's Mombasa City also. The new university should take advantage of Mombasa’s historic name to brand itself. Pwani sounds politically nice, but I believe University of Mombasa will distill the regional connotation. And the first task of the new university? To try and explain why despite 200 years at the East Coast, the Portuguese left no legacy except Fort Jesus and the word mesa for table.”

Reading some sinister motive in American journalist Thomas Friedman’s characterisation of Kenya as on the way to becoming an African Tiger in economic terms,
“Can we stop this African Tiger nonsense or we may just end up embarrassing ourselves more. Mr Friedman’s comment should be seen as some kind of flattery or cheap praise. As philosopher once said, ‘Don’t be afraid of enemies who attack you, but be afraid of the friends who flatter you’.”

“What is all this hullaballoo about? In Kikuyu mother tongue, (a Kenyan tribe) an exceptionally and hardworking person is said to be a ‘hyena of work’. If we all work hard, Kenya continues to prosper economically. Would there be anything wrong with referring to the country as the African Hyena?”

Could Nairobi Town Clerk John Gakuo relative success in restoring confidence in the once lethargic City Council in the end be his undoing, with more and more people expecting him to solve all manner of problems in the metropolis in the sun. Jim Gitau, for instance, would like the hard-working council chief executive to explain to him why the City Court has not refunded his cash bail four months after he won a case.

Have an effective day, won’t you!