Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I, for once, being a citizen of kenya, feel very angry.

Let me tell my story.

almost two Months ago, President Mwai Kibaki, The current president of the Republic of kenya, toured the Eastern Province in the far semi arid regions of Northern Kenya where several people have died of hunger in the past. That was the period of a by-election of the parliamentary seats left vacant by those who perished in Marsabit Air crash.

People who live in these regions are classified as mostly Somalis, because the region used to be called NFD Northern Frontier districts although some residents are Boranas, rendille, Gabra.

My points:
The government has for the past 40 years been promising to do something for the lot living here, help that is seriously needed for the forgotten province in terms of Infrastructure, schools, hospitals and clean water.

The goverment has put many promises for the Somalis, who are Kenyans, who have blood relationship with their brothers in Somalia, with short term promises, like appointing some political appointees, some few jobs for the learned few without solving the myriads of problems..That is why I keep on getting when I hear " Najivunia kuwa Mkenya" hype of The Government of Kenya Spokesman, Alfred Mutua.

Sometime, after so many problems, The residents will recieve nothing except some tonnes of relief food provided by various NGO'S including our Arab muslim Brothers who assist our people from time to time.A case in example is the UAE Red Cresent, and Prince Talaal of Saudi Arabia.

I am even more angry to hear, sacks of maize, beans have rotted after being denied entry by the Kenyan Government after Saudi Arabia refused to play games with human lives at risk.The government officials wanted "Kitu kidogo" from the saudis who were given relief food to Somali kenyans under the auspices of the World food program.

That is not a very welcome development and our problems are yet to finish.It is only when the elections are near as those by elections, when you see government officials hovering around NEP
and that is just too Sad.

I am still very angry at some of our leaders, some MP's, some Government officials who think it is right to eat "Ugali" ..a kenyan staple food, from the state house and ignore their electorate.Instead of making a full press conference together, demand projects together, work together, plan together..They mis use the work we post them to do for us, to represent us..

So far, I have only seen, Billow Kerrow, as someone we can rely on to talk for us, as Somalis from North Eastern Province, but still we need to put ourselves up.

Our Problems need permanent solutions.I think the best way forward would be to boost food production in the North Eastern Province. some form of supporting agricultural irrigation farming should be introduced and the livestock sector revamped. Some good news came after KMC, The Kenya Meat Comission, opened door once again.

Abbatoirs and meat canning factories should also be set up and the Wajir Airport also upgraded to handle international cargo flights as it has capabilities.We have never seen the airport being used as FOB, as the Kenya military would like to call it "Front Operational Base".
Such flights will help the livestock export trade.

Many of our MP's are dandies, people who think, to be an MP, is like to be a broker between you and God.Amazing..But still, our people need a lot of civic education.Time and again, I said we need a master plan for North Eastern Kenya, to set up schools, hospitals and infrastructure.

I am happy Now that, a Kuwait Company, Al Bader International, owned by Brother, Yousef Abdulaziz, a prominent business magnate, will start operations in Lamu, to develop Lamu and adjacent area..Through building an International airport, designing a suitable sea port, and building a railway line that will pass some parts of Garissa and Wajir to connect to Southern Sudan and Ethiopia which are landlocked.

There is no gainsaying government efforts so far. They have made and will continue to make a difference. But there is a need to up the ante and take the development game a level higher.

Our Somali North Eastern MP's...wake up and demand your share in kenya.Your people are loosing a great important political transformation going on in the country...

I am angry again to hear that our very important Kenyan 'Goldenberg' whistleblower, died and the government didn't do much to recognize at all.I am sure Brother Githongo is reading this.I admire you brother Githongo but still, we need a total revamp in our ways of running a government.

By the way, I am a bit curious to see the The Narc-Kenya website, and compare it to one and the best, Raila Odinga website, which was launched just last week.

Orange Kenya which transformed to Orange Democratic Movement of Kenya is leading in the a new survey of political parties...a lead intact.

A new survey on voter preferences on the forthcoming election shows that the ODM Kenya
commands an overwhelming lead with a margin of 63 - 34% of all political parties in Kenya.

If the new survey is compared with analysis from the Steadman Group Research, the poll will
show an overwhelming majority of voters "favour" ODM KENYA than any other political party.

Amazingly, even my North Eastern province is showing a great inspiration towards the ODM Kenya with over 60.%, favouring the party.

I am not here to advise you to vote ODM Kenya but some of the reason why people think they need change is because
1.Voters believe that the ODM Kenya is advocating for good governance as compared to the current government.

2. They believe ODM kenya are fighting for a just and democratic political space and leadership in Kenya.
3. For advocating for a good constitution
4. Like ODM Kenya politicians are more "nationalist"

5. Against Tribalism
6. Some think ODM Kenya is a political power house.

Let me advise all and sundry, that, we are willing to have a better Kenya and I will support all those who are doing something to help put "najivunia kuwa Mkenya" a perfect symbol.