Wednesday, September 17, 2014



“That money is not yours. It is public money meant to improve lives,” Hon Aden Duale is said to have uttered at a ceremony at Massai Mara where Hon. Duale and Chairman of Governors exchanged political tones according to Media Reports which in one way or another adds “Political” cold war in many communities.

But what is the Problem.  The Majority Leaders in the Nation Assembly, Hon. Duale was just reminding his close friend, Hon. Isaac Ruto about “politics” by plainly trying to tell him, Can you say something else, that (Pesa Mashinani) has already been said over and over and already dealt with by Jubilee Team.

The Kenya Executive, H.E, President Uhuru Kenyatta ( Middle), Kenya's Deputy President (Right) and Hon. Adan Duale, The Kenya's Majority Leader (Left) having a Conversation at a state function in Nairobi recently.

With the Upcoming Referendum spearheaded to amend the constitution to suit politicians,
Hon Duale indirectly told Hon Governor Ruto that he was not qualified to lead the demand for more cash since he had not properly utilized allocations given to his county government. In any case, Duale told the Governor to concentrate on development issues that will benefit wananchi and save politics for 2017 and if he is paid to do just that, Duale's Group will deal with them "straight on".

In reminding Politicians to work for us Kenyans, Hon Duale always reminds them to work for Development, stop the blame game and instead offer solutions to the problems facing the country.

And that is just good in a sense.

He even once cautioned CORD leaders who have been holding a series of rallies and who have criticized the Jubilee Government by saying:

“Cord leaders should be accountable for what they say as they have formed platforms to propagate hate speech messages against the government of the day, which is in no way in the interest of Kenyans,” and "to allow the Jubilee Government to serve its term, and resell their policies ahead of the next general elections.”

He even directed them to table any grievances they had in Parliament where answers would be provided.

This is what I think is happening at the moment. Hon. Isaac Ruto now almost falls under this category.

The Chairman of the Governors Board normally addresses Sunday Rallies to attack the Government and he got his answers just right there...this time round.

Hon. Duale told Ruto who was seating pensively at the dias that; "Hii pesa ni ya Wakenya sio ya mama yako bwana. Hii pesa si ya baba yako? " (These funds belong to Kenyans and it doesn't belong to you).

Hon Duale just was plainly saying....The Money (Pesa Mashinani) Hon. Issac Ruto keeps telling Kenyans is not “his” alone. It is for all Kenyans and to add Insult to the Injury he has caused him, Hon. Duale Told him to account for the Money (The Bomet County) has lost, which is almost 184 Millions first before asking for some more money.

Kwani hio ni Mbaya....Your guess is as good as mine.

Hon Duale is a very kind mind for your information.  His constituents (say Muslims and Somalis) like him the way he is fighting for their rights. This is in order. We understand him.  It is an obvious scenario where every Kenyan Community defends their man. Remember the Rugut Transfer and ICC cases how politicians were swearing “ we will do everything in this world” to console and defend their “person”.

That said, In previous Instances, Hon. Aden Duale has been mis-understood: Take a case of where he was telling Terrorists to go and bomb their "own" country than bombing Kenya.The Video clip was greatly mis-understood.

“Why is someone listening to that clip selectively? I told the residents to help police in arresting suspects who are targeting our people. I asked why terrorism is targeting places such as Eastleigh, Garissa and Machakos,” he said.

In the case of Governor Ruto, Hon Duale was even far much better with him...He just reminded him, Kenyans are the "owners" of the Money he is talking about everywhere and it's their right to demand audit to the already given money before being given some more.  If the Governors can't account for the money, who is he to force on Kenyans. He added that the exact figure according to the Auditor’s report is Sh185, 696,194 that Ruto received from the Transitional Authority between April and June 2013.

He told the governor that the money he is pushing for belongs to Kenyans and not his own funds (Albeit In political wordings)....

“I made no bad reference to the Kenyan women. I simply said that in Kenya, there are two types of resources; private and public. In the case of a private resource, it belongs to a family thus I made it clear that the resources of Bomet County do not belong to the family of Isaac Ruto, which is represented by his mother and father,” Duale said.

If you are talking about hate speech, there are some serious instances. Compare the following alleged uttered words intended to stir ethnic hated were among others (sometime back)

1.      “Wakikuyu wahame Rift Valley mahali kulilimikiwa na madorobo”
2.      “Nairobi tokeni hii ni shamba la wamaasai”
3.      “Wajaluo wahame shamba la kuria hata tutatumia nguvu”
4.      “Vile mnavyojua, Transzoia ni yetu na wanasema ni Metropolitan ata Bungoma ni yetu na ata jina mnasikia, is(sic) tunawaambia hii katiba ikipita watu wa TransZoia wafunge virago vyao waende, wale wako Bungoma katiba ikipita vile vile virago waende”

Cabinet minister Chirau Ali Mwakwere, who once stood accused of inciting hatred against “Arab” settlers who he said had taken land from indigenous coastal communities, claims his right of expression was being “grossly violated” by the case.

Those are even crude words which Hon Duale will "never" say. So why all this Hullabaloo

Hon Duale has since dismissed his critics and reiterated that he will not relent in fighting for the rights of his people just like all leaders are expected.

Take it easy with Hon. Duale. He is our Leader. Find another means of removing him.

When Hon Moses Kuria (Gatundu) was summoned by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to clarify hate speech, he said he was not being malicious or tribal but was fighting terrorism even after saying:

“I want to state here categorically that if you are a terrorist you need to be very scared of Moses Kuria. When it comes to terrorism I have no regrets, zero regrets. I’m going to stand firm against terrorism and when I say ‘we’ I mean Kenyans.” He explained.

“When it comes to issues of cohesion I am one person who has been on the front line on promoting this commission. There is nothing wrong on that posting, if acts of terror continue in this country we have no control on what Kenyans will do, because Kenyans are angry about these matters. I was purely analysing and purely predicting. Actually I have got a battle with terrorist… I do not care which tribe they belong to.”

Hon. Duale, Go on and On. Kenyans are with you.