Saturday, December 14, 2013


At least four people were Saturday evening killed and 25 injured in an explosion on a matatu near Pangani Police Station, around Pangani Girls, Juja Road in Nairobi. The 32-seater matatu was headed for the City Centre from Eastleigh when the explosion that is believed to have been inside the bus went off. 

Police said at least 20 others were admitted at various hospitals with multiple injuries following the 5pm incident.

Nairobi head of police Benson Kibue said the explosion caused massive damage on the matatu and other five other cars that were trailing the ill-fated vehicle. "We have casualties and it seems to have been an explosion from the matatu. People have been badly injured," said Kibue. He added that the death toll may rise because of the nature of injuries that were witnessed. Witnesses said they saw body parts at the scene of the blast. 

The incident attracted a huge crowd at the scene which is few meters from Pangani police station. Of the deceased, one was a woman. The matatu's right hand side was ripped off following the blast. 15 of those injured were taken to Guru Nanak hospital before being transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital. Kibue said the attack could be the work of Alshabaab terrorists but motive is not yet known. He added they suspect among the killed was the man who had the explosion.