Thursday, September 26, 2013


Two Administration Police officers have been shot dead and two others seriously injured when gunmen attacked their camp in Mandera on Thursday morning. Mandera County Commander Rono Bunei said the gunmen struck at around 3am and shot the officers. They later burnt seven government vehicles that were at the compound.

The attackers also threw a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) on the local DO’s office. The Kenya Police Airwing commandant Rodgers Mbithi said that the injured officers will be airlifted to Nairobi for specialised treatment. They are expected to arrive in Nairobi later Thursday afternoon.

These comes as reports of two teenage Somali sisters from Toronto were wounded by bullets and explosions during the militant siege of a Nairobi mall this week, one of whom is in critical condition at a Kenyan hospital and may never walk again, according to their aunt comes up.
Fardowsa Abdi, 17, and her sister 16-year-old sister Dheeman — both born at St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto — were grocery shopping at the Westgate Mall supermarket when a group of gunmen stormed the building on Saturday, their aunt Hodan Hassan told the Star. Hassan said Fardowsa, who remains in hospital, was gravely wounded in her lower body and has since undergone extensive surgery, including an eight-hour operation on Tuesday. 
“They’re trying to reconstruct her legs,” she said, adding that doctors have told the family her niece will need extensive plastic surgery to repair lost muscle and tissue.
“She has a long way to go if she’s even going to walk again ... There’s just bone in some parts of her legs.” 

These latest attack also follows another in Wajir County on Wednesday where one person was killed and five others injured when a gang of armed men attacked members of public in Wajir town behind Soko Mjinga market.

The attackers first hurled a grenade at around 7.30pm before opening fire at the members of the public indiscriminately. One of the attackers, identified as Ayub Omar Gullet, was arrested by police after he was shot on the stomach by his colleagues.