Wednesday, March 06, 2013


MP, Lafey Constituency, Mandera County

Brief Profile.
Hon. Shaaban Ali Issack was born in Arabia, Mandera East. Has been elected as the new MP for Lafey Constituency in Mandera County. Has been an assistant Minister of Local Government, Incharge of Urban authorities, in the Republic of Kenya in the 2002-2007 Government.

Governor - Garissa County

Brief Profile.
MR. Nathif Jama Adan is now The Senator elect of Garissa County. He was the immediate Managing Director of the Kenya's First Community Bank Limited (FCB). He first joined the banking industry in 1980 at Kenya Commercial Bank.

Senator, Garissa County 

Brief Profile.
Mzee Yusuf Haji is a well known politician and an administrator. He is the Kenya's Minister of State for Defence. Haji has also been acting as the Minister for Provincial Administration and Internal Security briefly during the last Kibaki administration.

Hon. Mohamed Yusuf Haji, E.G.H., M.P., the Minister of State for Defence was born in Garissa Distarict in North Eastern province on 23 December 1940. He is the current Ijara Constituency member of Parliament on KANU party ticket. After completing the East Africa Certificate of Education (EACE), he joined the Provincial Administration as a District Officer and rose to the position of Provincial Commissioner between 1970 – 1997. He first joined Parliament as a nominated Member in 1998 and was later elected Member of Parliament in 2002 on a KANU ticket.

He served as an Assistant Minister in the Office of the President from 1998-2001 and as the Minister of State (Cabinet Affairs) Office of the President in the year 2002. He was appointed the Minister of State for Defence on 8 th January 2008 after 27 th December 2007 general elections.

During his term as a Member of parliament he has served in the following parliamentary Committees:

1998 -Chairperson Departmental Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations

Select Committee on the Review of constitution of Kenya and

Constituency Development fund Committee.

The Honorable Minister is married. He has a Diploma from University of Birmingham , UK on management and Finance Control. His professional career includes Administration and management. The Honorable Minister is Muslim. His hobbies include walking, golf, swimming, sport hunting and welfare activities 

MP, Eldas, Wajir County

Brief Profile.
Hon. Adan Keynan was born on 10th October, 1968. He graduated with a Bachelor of Education and later with Master of Arts ( Public Administration) from Moi University. He holds a Diploma in Insurance and Organizational Management. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Political Science and Public Administration. Hon. Keynan is the Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Service Commission of Kenya. He is the Chairman, Defence and Foreign Relations Committee of Kenya National Assembly. He is also a member of Energy, Communication and Information Committee - Kenya National Assembly. 

He was a Director of National Housing Corporation . Hon. Keynan was first elected in 1997 and has served in several committees like Finance, Planning and Trade and Administration, National Security and Local Government among others. 

Hon. Keynan is a recipient of Spirit of Detroit Award in Michigan State, USA, (1999) in recognition of exceptional achievement, outstanding leadership and dedication to improving the quality of life. He is also a recipient of an award in the Role of Legislatures in Economic Governance, Washington DC, USA, (1999). Hon Keynan is currently the Chairman of Kenya - Turkish Parliamentary Friendship Group.