Saturday, November 13, 2010


A new youth project that goes by the name of Garissa Youth Project has been unveiled IN Garissa Town recently and whose objective is to empower high school students from ten partner high schools in Garissa central to transition to higher institutions of learning in order to prepare them for employment in Kenya.

The G-Youth in-school youth activities include:

  • Social mobilization and sensitization of parents on the importance of career counseling 
  • Organizing Open Days at the North Eastern Province Technical Training Institute
  • Building the capacity of local high schools in the area of Career Counseling
  • Supporting students in the development of career clubs
  • Linking schools to the Career Resource Center
  • Coordinating group career counseling to in-school youth
  •  In-School Youth participating in the Open House Career Day at North Eastern Province Technical Training Institute (NEPTTI) to expose them to the various career options available at the institute.

The following Schools in Garissa County are now partners of the Garissa Youth Project:
  1. Garissa High School
  2. NEP Girls Secondary School
  3. County High School
  4. Umusalama Secondary School
  5. Boys Town Secondary School
  6. Iftin Girls Secondary School
  7. Tetu Secondary School
  8. Khadija Girls Secondary School
  9. Ikhlas Mixed Day Secondary School
  10. Young Muslim Academy