Friday, September 24, 2010


26 years after the Wagalla massacre when 3,000 people were killed men in what was intended to be a disarmament exercise, it appears that time has done little to erase the memories of the pain of the people in Wajir district. Apart from the loss, justice for the victims and survivors is proving elusive. No conclusive investigations have been carried out since 1984 and no perpetrators brought to book. In commemoration of the 26th anniversary of the incident, the community took to the streets demanding some action from the government.

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Mr Benson Kaaria was the North Eastern PC when the infamous Wagalla Massacre of February 10, 1984 took place. The government had launched a disarmament campaign in the Wagalla expanse of Wajir District. Security officers from the airforce, the army, the police, and the provincial administration burnt down houses and rounded up thousands of people from the minority Degodia clan.