Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ethiopians suspected to be victims of a human trafficking racket, were discovered on Wednesday at a bungalow on the outskirts of Nairobi.
The 41 men were found in a secluded house about three kilometres from Ngong Town. The quiet compound had no sign of life except for the caretaker, who could barely speak English or Kiswahili said: “Nobody here, nobody no English no Swahili.”

However, he opened the gate and letting the journalists into the house. At first he was certain he had succeeded in misleading the journalists until the reporters peeped through the windows and saw the men lying on the floor heaped on each other.
There were more than 100 plates and cups in the kitchen which is at the entrance and two big charcoal stoves stood there, evidently showing they were recently used for cooking.
Watched in horror
The room in which they were crammed together, also served as the entertainment hall for the young men who were visibly weak and distraught. At one end of the room is a TV set and a DVD player.
A few scattered compact discs were strewn all over the place as they watched in horror as journalists took pictures. Some of their colleagues were fast asleep and did not even wake during the entire time.
The caretaker who gave his name as Bastin Yahanis said that he was expecting a vehicle that normally brings food from Ngong Town. He gave the a phone number of the man he claims is his boss who operates in Eastleigh area.
The boss, a Mr Dahir who talked to the journalists on phone said he would come to the house. But an hour later, he said he was at Karen and will not come after all.
“Go put the information in the media – all newspapers and television and radio stations... after all am helping them,” said Mr Dahir and then switched off his phone.