Wednesday, May 05, 2010


There is this website,  which is posting or by virtue of posting, spreading hate messages on Somalis within Kenya that need to be tackled. Readers are advised to click on the picture and see for themselves how some Civil Society specially those sponsored by foreign missions that were really supposed to advocate for democracy are doing injustice to our beloved country, Kenya and more so to our hardworking people who happen to be the marginalized citizens of Kenya.

The other day, I was searching for Kenyan Somalis on google and found out really issues that need to be addressed in an urgent manner. This website,  has posted what it calls an E-mail from a certain civil society group(Which was anonymous) that was talking about how Somalis have taken over Kenya (without the site elaborating further to their supposed readers that Somalis are also Citizens of Kenya just like others). It was talking about ethnic profiling on Somalis and the need to tackle Somalis from working, doing business or enjoying their rights to be in Kenya.

First and foremost, Somalis, alias Wariyaa in Kenyan Version are just as normal Kenyans as Kenyan Gikuyus, Kenyan Kambas, Kenyan Luos and Kenyan Massais. The only further analogy is that, Kenyan Massais have brothers in Tanzania the same way Kenyan Somalis have their kinsmen in Somalia.

I really need to update readers here that, many hate sites like that, need to be checked as they may create hate within Communities living in Kenya...It should be noted that, Kenya Somalis have their own region (Northern Kenya) just like Kenyan Luos have (Nyanza) or same as Kenyan Luhyas have (Western) among others.

What the hate websites try to indicate is that, Kenyan Somalis are by virtue of being close to Somalia are occupying the territory of Kenya, which is untrue. The Only truth is that, we are occupying our ancestral land which happened to be included in Kenya. If you go to Nyeri(Central province, Kenya), You will find that majority of the community that owns the land are Gikuyus, Who speak their language Gikuyu and are almost 98% residents. The same is also noticed in Northern Kenya, Garissa, Wajir, Isiolo and Mandera Kenya which is inhabited by Somalis, who speak their Somali language and are 99.9% residents of those areas.

So to say that, Kenyan Somalis are begging anyone to work or do business in Kenya is baseless as we have our granted constitutional rights just like other Kenyans to do anything within our country. Kenya is not for anyone. It is such a conglomeration of tribes, their regions, concocted to make a country. If Luos have their ancestral land in Nyanza, Gikuyus have Central, We also have Northern Kenya as our land. We are only working together as a country and if everyone is going with his piece of land, then we have no objections or else we work together in harmony, peace and prosperity.....

Kenya as a country decided to welcome refugees, all from war torn countries. Refugees from South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Congo have all come from Kenya. It is suprising to see someone pinpointing Somalis and not others. That is really hate and it will not help. The fact that those refugees are here with us come from hate being spread by that kind of websites and media houses. It is through that, we need to learn to co-exist together. Otherwise, we have no business being together in the first place.

Kenya is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country, where tribes who speak more than 45 languages live in harmony and are at peace with each other. We don't say, we have no problems in Kenya, but our problems are more about governance and democracy but not about profiling....For example, if it is about foreigners, Who has a list of all Italian Mafias in the country, or How many West Africans (Nigerians, Cameroonians, Senegalese) all known for drug smuggling and so on are there or more so how many indian labourers imported from India are here with us.....How many other foreign crooks reside within us. Nobody knows. So stop profiling and bickering about Kenyan Somalis who are Kenyan Citizens just like you and who own the third biggest province in Kenya......

It is with this notice, that we urge the NSIS, The internal Ministry, Special branch, The Kenya National Cohesion and Integration to check on these hate media and speeches going on about Somalis of Kenya and others that may break this country beyond repair. It is good to note that the Ministry of justice and Constitutional Affairs which is dealing in National Cohesion has a Somali Kenyan Permanent Secretary By The name of Ambassador Amina Chawahir.

For my readers, Somali people live in more than Five Countries bordering the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.