Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Last week, there was a very serious announcement made in the hearts of Kenya, of all places, the capital city, Nairobi which went un-noticed even to the Government itself and those who love and hate peace.

There was this group "fighting" in Somalia, a paramilitary group, that made a dramatic press conference in Eastleigh that denounced the so called agreement, signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that was aimed at bolstering efforts of the fledgling government to root out those opposed to it. Immediately after the signing of the agreement, another fully fledged secretariat based in Eastleigh, Nairobi of the same militia group, emerged and made an about-turn, protesting what they call rubbish peace agreement between their leaders and the TFG Government in Addis Ababa-Ethiopia. The talks afterwards looked like they will collapse following the announcement but what makes our heart beat for a second is:

Was the Kenya Government, The Kenya Police, The Immigration and the NSIS aware about the said group deep in the hearts of KENYA? Who gave them the authority to speak about another disintegrated country- SOMALIA without seeking order from the host country? Who are they and what are they doing around KENYA.........who is hosting them here.....Why can't they help us and speak from MOGADISHU instead of NAIROBI..........if the government knew anything about them......what business do we have as Kenyans making peace in SOMALIA....all these years.....? We don't want the Al-Shabaab, AhluSunnah, Hizbul Islam and TFG wars in KENYA........we are helping them sort their differences and they can't help themselves.....so what do we do with them.....

In a sign of leadership struggles within the Ahlu Sunna, the most prominent moderate Islamic group in Somalia, vice chairman Sheik Hassan Sheik Abdi convened a press conference in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area to denounce the purported agreement as well as question the leadership of his chairman, Sheikh Mahammud Sheikh Hassan, who was leading “a non-representative delegation” at the talks.

Ahlu Sunna is a Somali paramilitary group opposed to the radical Islamist rebel groups al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam, and is fighting to prevent fundamentalist Islam from being imposed on Somalia and protecting the country’s Sufi traditions and mainstream, generally moderate, religious views. The bone of contention, according to Mr Mohamud Abdi, secretary for the leadership committee of Ahlu Sunna, is that there was no official delegation sent to the Addis conference and therefore those at the forum could not enter into a pact on Ahlu Sunna’s behalf.

“There was no official delegation to the conference which had proper authority to sign any agreement with the transitional government on our behalf,” Sheikh Abdi asserted at the Nairobi press conference.

Can the Government categorically arrange how to deal clearly with Somalia issue without neccesarily avoiding it which will bring problems into our own doors....Time is of essence and the NSIS together with security agencies must apprehend all those who are illegally here, some who sit here condoning corruption, murders, terror in Somalia which is just our neighbour, pretending to be refugees.....