Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When I first wrote about the missing Ministry in Northern Kenya, folks thought am joking, it is now past one year and half since the formation of the only ministry of it's kind in Kenya, where is the Ministry of Northern Kenya and what is it performing, putting into fact that we "just" stopped short of demanding the Ksh 39 Billion that was allocated to our province since 1963....

Where is Mheshimiwa Elmi and his comrades...We are missing you.....Can you manage your people's needs....as we were putting a lot of hope in your and the ministry?

The picture above is the actual status of the Ministry of Northern Kenya under the Prime Minister's Office. The site has not been opened let alone searching for a clear picture of what Mr. Elmi is doing to meet NEP and Kenya's Vision 2030 Mellinium Goals...

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Vision(If at all it has)

A secure and prosperous Northern Kenya and other arid lands with peoples’ high quality life”MissionTo provide leadership in the implementation and coordination of development programmes that provide all basic needs, peaceful and sustainable environment to the people of Northern Kenya and other arid lands.


Our major objective is to enhance Northern Kenya regional development and competitiveness that will ultimately contribute positively towards economic development of the nation with specific undertakings in the:

1. Acceleration of sustainable economic development in the region
2. Enhancement of equity and poverty reduction to improve people’s welfare in the region.
3. Improvement in government to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery
4. Creation of an enabling environment for sustainable growth and development.