Monday, August 25, 2008


There was an Kenya armed forces recruitment going on within the country the whole of last month to boost the numbers of our armed forces. Our armed forces have lately been involved in various mission including UN peacekeeping missions and also within the country.
Many youth who turned up for the Army recruitment in Wajir were turned down because the army recruiters say they were underweight. This was attributed to hunger and poverty in the district. The ongoing drive in Wajir District attracted hundreds of youth.

Recruiting officer Lt-Col Richard Kenduiwa said that due to their weight, many of the youth could not carry a G3 rifle. He said that most them were also eliminated because their teeth had decayed.
The Army officer attributed this to miraa (khat) chewing.

Kenya somalis have long served in the military notable with high discipline and no nonsense manners they handle their duty.

Former Chief of General Staff, Major Gen.Rtd Mahmoud Mohammed was Kenya Army commander between the years 1981-1982 when the Kenya airforce staged a "foiled" coup and he crushed it. He later on became CGS of the whole Kenya armed forces.

There is also Major General Hussein Ali, Current Kenya Police commissioner who had served in the Kenya Army. He has been moved a rank higher to get some discipline within the Kenya police forces.