Saturday, August 09, 2008


Do you remember the Bahkam family in Garissa? The Bahkam family has all along lived in Garissa for the past uncountable years and have been good kenyan citizens.

Yesterday, Police in Garissa claimed the couple communicated with Msallam Saleh Mahdi accused by US and Kenyan forces of plotting and supporting the August 7, 1998 terrorist attack on American embassies in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam by telephone recently and arrested them.

Salim Muhamad Bahkam and his wife, whose name was not given, were arrested from their house in Garissa town on Thursday morning and taken to the local police station where they were questioned the whole day. Salim’s wife is related to Msallam and police believe she can lead them to him.

According to a relative, Ali Shebe, the couple were still in detention by last evening although North Eastern PPO Steven Chelimo claimed police "only summoned two sisters for some investigation we are conducting".

He declined to give details.

The Kenya police and the US intelligence are purported to be doing some serious search for people suspected to have connections with terrorism and have for the past one week been camping in parts of NEP.

The Government and Major Muslim organizations have ruled out that, Muslims citizens rights must be upheld even while conducting door to door searches for suspects.

Muslims parliamentarians and other concerned Kenyan MPs shot down a bill on Ani-Terrorism in the Kenyan parliament. Muslims claimed the bill was "suspiciously" brought to check on Muslims.