Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Why does when everyone talks about small arms, he/she refers to Somalis,
as if Somalis eat small arms, Why not Turkanas, Boranas, Sabaots.
Why do they think that arms that come to Kenya only must come through Somalia and that Somalis are the only ones who posses and carry them?

My attention was caught by this article, recently, in which UN security Council claims that Kenya was yet to make it's findings known after it (UN) released a report saying a shipment of arms from Somalia had entered Kenya and that is was destined for some mafia groups inside kenya, a report which even the Kenya's police says is not aware of......Who is playing with who....why are they implicating Kenyan Somalis in that report or are they like saying the Kenya police is inefficient....??

Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe has confirmed that he has not seen even the report but a certain National Focal Point coordinator for Kenya Peter Eregai’s (Have you ever heard an agency by that name) although claiming he has not seen any report from the UN, notswithstanding, says

“We are, however, aware that most illegal firearms come from across the border, mainly from Somalia,” Mr Eregai said.

Now you wonder, as even police have not seen the document, why are "others" including one, Regional Centre on Small Arms (Recsa) executive secretary, Mr Francis Sang claiming they have seen it and that the "report" is circulating within security circles, albeit, pointing fingers at Kenya somalis or Somalia as if all small arms ONLY come from Somalis and Somalis are the only people who share border with Kenya.

According to the UN report dated April 24, at least five arms shipments left the Somali arms market at Elasha destined for Isiolo in Eastern Province between February and March this year.
The report stated that arms entered the country through the Kenya-Somali border disguised as foodstuff and clothing, with one of the clients identified as a militia group in Kenya.

Which militia group.....??? Let the UN tell us and the police so that we can as well get information. As far as I know, there are no militias from NEP and NFD. That was long ago and we are now past that.

“On March 15, 2008, Somali Kenyans presented to a middleman with access to arms traders at the Elasha Somali Arms Market a wish list of weapons and ammunition for two Kenyan clients,” read the report in part.
To date, The report doesn't say what transpired there in and who are the militia group...


This is the kind of politics our people from NEP and parts of NFD, including Eastern province have been subjected to from time immemorial, a tactic that was used by the Kenyatta and Moi's government to muzzle and silence our people about insecurity and Shifta stories...

Our people are tired about that, what we need now is development and have no time for that.

Ever since the Kenyatta government, we have missed out on budget allocation amounting to Ksh 39 Billion which was passed to other provinces with the excuse of "insecurity" in NEP, leaving us without proper educational institutions, health centres and infrastructure and we are therefore urging all those who refer to insecurity in Northern Kenya to balance their work before claiming everything that happens came because Somalis have brought rifles and small arms.

Many Kenyans posses guns everywhere and is not neccesarily Somalis who bring them.