Thursday, July 03, 2008



Primary Education: Arabia Primary School then to Mandera DEB.
Secondary Education: Wajir Boys High School -Wajir
University Education: Kenyatta University 1995 BA (Math's)
Last Job : General Manager, Hass Petroleum (K) Sharjah-UAE.

He worked as an Assistant systems analysts for Kenya Railways.

Main challenges: Poverty and unemployment and fighting drought and insecurity, which are perpetual obstacles in the constituency, his constituents are at loggerheads with Mandera Central counterparts over pasture and water.Read (Murule and Garre conflicts)

On being MP, Hon Mohamed says:

He says CDF can do wonders if managed properly, but lack of professional managers has been an impediment. He will bring fresh ideas and private sector skills to manage the fund. His priorities are communication, education, and health.

He will lobby government to improve roads and communication infrastructure. Education standard have been falling in constituency where ratio of boys to girls in school is 4:1 – and he will use constituency bursary funds and donor support to build schools, employ competent teachers and improve the teacher/student ratio.

The Mandera East MP Mohammed Hussein nicknaned (Qaras), elected on the platform of offering irrigation farming, believes relief food dependency should be a thing of the past. "We are not against relief food distribution, but it should be done under very severe circumstances," he says.

"Pastoralism is no longer sustainable due to weather vagaries. We will dig more boreholes and harvest rains in huge reservoirs and the water would be used for irrigation."

He says, His community needs to be educated on the need to keep a manageable number of livestock to check the mass deaths of animals during drought and desertification.

The era of keeping hundreds of livestock for prestige is long gone, Qaras says.