Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Finance Minister Amos Kimunya has finally bowed to pressure and quit his job.

What was "mumunya kimunya" really got the taste in Kenya today.

Only last Sunday, an enraged Kimunya strongly asserted that he would not relinquish his Treasury job over the manner in which he handled the sale of the Grand Regency hotel.
However, the embattled Kipipiri MP eventually bowed out on Tuesday to mounting pressure to pave way for investigation into the hotel saga.

"I have requested his Excellency the president, to be allowed to step aside to facilitate the inquiry," said Kimunya in a brief press statement he read on Tuesday afternoon. Saying his conscience was clean on the saga, Kimunya insisted that he was open to an independent inquiry to prove his innocence.

But who will listen to him...?? Kenyans are fed and have been taken ride by Corrupt individuals and we need some change. I don't know what People like Kamlesh Pattni, Ketan Somaia are doing in Kenya.I thought that "Goldenberg, Anglo-fleecing(Leasing)" were history.


"I have held several consultations with His Excellency the President, my family and friends, as well as colleagues, on the ongoing issue of the disposal of Grand Regency Hotel.

As I have indicated before my conscience is very clear on the role of Treasury, and specifically myself in this matter. I have maintained the position that I am open to an independent inquiry to prove my innocence.

Accordingly, I have requested His Excellency the President, to be allowed to step aside to facilitate the inquiry.I wish to thank my family, all my friends and constituents who have stood with me in prayer during this period. The Truth will set us free.Thank you all, and God bless Kenya."

Hon. Amos Kimunya
Once Minister for Finance