Friday, May 23, 2008


Two suspects are in Kenya police custody after more than 100 passports of different countries — 87 Somali, 12 Kenyan, 17 from the US, UK, France, Italy and a host of other European countries — were seized from them in what police and Immigration described as a multi-million shilling international ring.

The Kenyan Immigration has widely been criticized as being corrupt and "toothless" regarding the security of Kenya and it's borders.

Many of it's staff are engaged in distributing information and favouring people who have money.They don't follow immigration procedures nor do they apply discipline at their departments.

The Immigration Department raised the red flag over rising cases of forged documents and human trafficking. It deals with about seven cases daily and at times up to 200 incidents.

So grave is the problem that genuine travellers from Kenya could have problems travelling to the US, United Kingdom, the European Union and other countries with strict immigration rules.

Corrupt immigration officials lialise with some corrupt businessmen to charge "asylum seekers" between Sh200,000 and Sh500,000 for visas to South America and Europe in search of jobs and a better life.

Documents recovered by police and immigration officials in this case, included asylum application forms for US, South Africa and other European countries. South Africa’s, Kenya, Uganda, Somali and Ethiopia are the most easily forged passports.

The passport control in Nairobi is said to be the "most corrupt" where Kenyans of Somali origin have been either been refused passports or are "denied" until they produce their grandfathers birth certificates hence triggering protests, time to time.

Kenyan Muslims have often been "victimized" when getting passports.
In the syndicate, Kenyan passports are stolen and the bio-data and photo pages forged, thus making it difficult to ascertain authenticity.

Last year, ODM have vowed to streamline Immigration of all Kenyan Citizens and refugees residing in the country.
Immigration costs the Kenyan Government much resources as kenya is now home to many millions of "foreigners" from countries such as South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

Many "foreigners" now have the guts to argue with Kenyan citizens about their own country...albeit because of Security and Immigration lax, courtesy of the two main departments, The Kenya Police and Ministry of Immigration.