Saturday, May 17, 2008


The Government has published the much awaited National Ethnic commission Bill 2008, A document that mainly touches on how the 42+ tribes in kenya will co-exist with each other, without favour or prejudices and nepotism as concerns the Government "cake", which all of you know what it is.

It seems to me that, Kenya Somalis being part of the 42 tribes discussed in the bill, majority of them still think we are way back the 1980's era when our people were living in fear of the dreaded Special Branch(A kenyan CIA sort of) and much of NEP was under emergency because of the purported "Shifta" war and Insecurity.

It is time we embark on strengthening our impact on the Kenyan National political scene to help our people and contribute to the growth of our country, Kenya.

Our few MPs, I am sure with one (Ibrahim Ahmed, My surname aka Johnny) of Kamukunji(Pictured here riding on a campaign camel, who we do hope will take the Kamukunji seat on an ODM ticket, must work together to alleviate our people's suffering and together with other Muslim MPs also that of Muslims of Kenya.

Please feel free to read the Kenya's Ethnic Comission Bill in pdf here.

If you need it on MsWord, Let me know.