Sunday, May 11, 2008


I liked the way Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga descibed "inefficiency" within Kenya's government circles, indeed in very important sectors like Transport, when he publicly told the minister to get a ticket and visit Dubai to see for himself how containers are offloaded in a "matter of hours" while it takes 14 days to offload/move a Container from The Mombasa Port.

Such is a shame.This is what made us vote out Kibaki's one term Government and direct "insults" , I will call them, insults, like that, is what we want in Kenya.To note however, Some people have the habit of criticizing "others" even if they perform on the basis of politics and ethnic background.Such category falls in one John Michuki.I don't see a reason why people should criticize others for performing.Michuki was supposed to be applauded for having put some sanity in our transport sector. Infact we should encourage them to act.

Let the Transport Ministry act and others follow.We need some semblance in the whole way the Kenyan Goverment is operating.The Ministry of interior with all those security apparatus can't contain crime, robberies and insecurity in parts of the country.The Transport department takes millions of years to tarmac roads let alone repair them.
The Immigration can't describe who is a Kenyan and who is not.

What kind of ignorance and emptiness do Kenyans show the world now that it is almost 5 months since the last disputed General election and nothing is being done...Domo Domo tu!!! I am starting to hate some fellows lakini still "Najivunia Kuwa Mkenya"....

Kenyans talk politics, eat politics, sleep politics.

We need to improve the image of Kenya.