Thursday, March 06, 2008


Today, while surfing online, I came over this BBC Story about Mungiki and Government long "wanenes" meeting in state house, Nairobi.

What suprised me was not the Government reaction to the BBC story as that is usual but to see the Government's Spokesman website still putting on campaign notices long after we have signed a deal, agreeing to disasgree that, 2007 disputed elections was a sham and flawed.

This is utter ignorance and someone is not doing his work.The website is like "The Government of Kenya" to us, especially those who are my knowledge, It should be updated day in day out. 2007 Election posters like, "What has Kibaki done with your money" appearing on Government website, is supposed to be, What the Government is doing with your money.They at worst, should not appear.

2007 Campaign
Issues like, "who really won the 2007 election" appearing on the Government website, is utterly rubbish.We have concluded that, the election was a sham and we should not go back to it.

Being wananchi wa Kenya, we need services from the Government not empty rhetoric.We need the government Spokesman to underline what each province is is getting from the National cake, so that, the violence we saw in kenya doesn't occur again..
It will be "nice" to send an e-mail to the government and you get a prompt reply.