Thursday, February 28, 2008


A teenager who had been given a lift in a truck ferrying food to a refugee camp in North Eastern Province was shot in the neck by bandits. The gangsters sprayed three lead trucks in a convoy of 10 with bullets on Tuesday night.

Police sources said the convoy, headed to Dadaab refugee camp in Garissa District, was attacked at Harambee market between Garsen and Hola towns.

The three lead trucks proceeded to Hola Town, while the other seven were driven elsewhere.

Tana River head of police Iregi Ngatia Iregi said 17-year-old Jamaal Hassan Ashi was hit by a bullet in the neck. He was taken to Hola District Hospital where he is due to undergo an operation to remove the bullet.

The convoy had earlier left Mombasa for the Daadab refugee camp.

“The drivers were either very daring or did not know that the region is a bandit-infested area.
They should not have driven through it at night,” Mr Ngatia said, adding that the bandits mounted the attack at 2.30am.

Mr Ngatia said the lorries were hired and did not belong to any one particular company.
Only the crew of two out of the three trucks shot at reported the matter to the police.
The rest either retreated or proceeded with their mission.

No arrests have been made, but police are combing the area.