Thursday, January 03, 2008


ODM RALLY TO GO ON as planned tomorrow at Uhuru Park. The Kenya Police have been notified their normal three days pre-requisite as per the law, says Ruto captured herebelow.

All Kenyans are Welcome!!!

In Other news,

“Since Sunday evening, President Museveni in his capacity as current chairman of the East African Community, has been in touch with President Kibaki, to first of all congratulate him on his re-election as President, but also to enquire from him whether there was anything the EAC countries could do about the outbreak of violence in Kenya following the rejection of the results by one of the candidates,” John Nagenda, the senior presidential adviser, media and public relations, said

The above quotes comes from this caption, but ask yourself?

Who is Museveni to Interfere in our Problems ........???? Does he know he is congratulating a "Fake" president who Only got some few votes from all over Kenya except Central province where his families stay?

Had it NOT been Raila, this Kibaki will Never have been the first place.

What does Museveni know about democracy or devisive politics that he wants to teach Kenyans.The truth of the matter is, The Ugandan Economy is solely dependent on Kenya and Raila would have facilitated proper infrastructure they normally cry of.