Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Because Kenya is getting off the hook.Kibaki is refusing an international meditation simply because he is guilty of election's rigging.

In further evidence of faltering peace prospects, Kibaki today announced half his new cabinet, despite a previous offer to form a national unity government.

Kibaki had invited Odinga to talks on Friday but the opposition leader said he would only attend negotiations mediated by African Union chairman John Kufuor, who arrived in Nairobi on Tuesday.
Kibaki did not invite Kufuor to the Friday talks and officials say he will remain in Nairobi for little more than 24 hours.Kibaki previously didn't want to invite Kufuor and has been dilly-dallying international mediation.
Kibaki is reluctant to accept international mediation. His officials say the crisis is an internal matter.

Odinga accused Kibaki of trying to divert attention from Kufuor's mission by offering bilateral talks in what he called a "public relations gimmick".

"Clearly, he is extremely worried about an independent, international review of the election outcome," Odinga said.
"We will not attend the talks on Friday. They are a sideshow," Odinga told a news conference attended by All ODM pentagon.