Monday, January 28, 2008


ECK chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu, insists ODM should seek legal action in the disputed presidential election.
A Palaver fan points out that Kivuitu (on February 15 last year while addressing a public forum on constitutional reforms) lambasted election petition judges. He said they often receive bribes from the Executive and cannot be expected to speed up petitions or deliver fair judgements (newspaper cutting evidence available). What has changed now, Mr Kivuitu?

Reconciliation is all about bringing bitter enemies together to bury the hatchet and rebuild friendship. If Mr Raila Odinga considers Mr Kalonzo Musyoka a Judas Iscariot, the more reason he should be willing to meet him and his team at the negotiation and reconciliation table.
This is the moment of bitter enemies to meet, not buddies.

Palaver empathises with the security officers deployed to contain countrywide chaos.
When they exercise restraint, they are accused of watching as chaos reign but when they ‘swing into action’ they are accused of using excessive force.

President Kibaki’s assertion that he won the elections or Raila Odinga’s insistence that the presidency was stolen from him are the last things Kenyans want to hear now as chaos escalates. The true leader between the two is the one who will make hard choices, as suggested by Kofi Annan, and save the nation.
Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Martin Luther King Junior were never presidents.

And finally …

The law against drink-driving in Hungary is under criticism from unlikely quarters. The Catholic Church in the country says its priests are likely to be affected. Due to priests’ shortage, many of them hold several masses in a day and consume alcohol in the fulfilment of their duties!