Monday, January 21, 2008


As Kenyans, we need to discuss some issues which will give us insight into what happened during the December 27th election..

Sample this,

There are several reasons to be suspicious about the official ECK results:
1. The results were delayed for more than a day, at a time when ODM candidate Raila Odinga was leading.
2. Many thousands of people seem to have only voted in the presidential election but not the parliamentary or local polls held at the same time.
3. Some of these results came from areas known to be pro-Kibaki
4. In the parliamentary race, Mr Odinga's ODM won twice as many seats as Mr Kibaki's Party of National Unity (PNU)
5. Results in some constituencies were different when announced nationally, to when they had previously been announced locally.
6. The head of the election commission has admitted that turnout in one constituency was 115%.
7. The ECK CHAIRMAN himself says, he doesn't know who won.
8. The Attorney General, LSK, Catholic bishops, Human Rights all say, the best way to go forward is to repeat the elections, especially the presidential elections..
9. Kenya's illegal pressy is not "RECOGNIZED" by the UK and the whole world except by Museveni who knows nothing.
10. Why is the governemnt "fearing" to repeat the elections?

Already 700 Kenyans have died.250,000 Kenyans are displaced.Violence is everywhere..
What are you waiting?

As kenyans, let us discuss the points from here and find our "OWN" ways of solving the problems.Let us not wait for others to come and sort our "OWN" problems.