Thursday, December 13, 2007


If you thought it is only Kenya’s political parties that fear internal elections, think again. Over in South African the spectre of Mr Jacob Zuma drubbing President Mbeki in elections for the ANC presidency later this month has so alarmed party faithful, that even Mrs Winnie Mandela thinks the two men should avoid combat. The point is simple; if Mbeki is hammered at the polls as is likely to happen, he will be a lame duck President and Zuma, as ANC supremo, is likely to be the next president of South Africa. It is this scenario that has the Winnies of South Africa worried.

Who is the most attacked presidential candidate at political rallies? Mr Raila Amolo Odinga. Who is the most attacked presidential candidate in radio and TV adverts? Raila Amolo Odinga. Who is the presidential candidate who is massacred in Internet blogs, chat rooms and yahoo groups? Raila Amolo
Odinga. How come he still leads in opinion polls? How come he hasn’t gone into hiding?
He must be made of sterner stuff than most.

Then again, in these confusing days, there’s no telling who is wielding the axe aimed at a candidate’s head. A group of 43 religious leaders — led by one Pastor Davis Odondo — yesterday said they were withdrawing support for Pastor Pius Muiru’s presidential campaign due to his involvement in... well, things we can’t repeat without attracting a defamation lawsuit. Once their attack on Muiru was done, the group then promptly endorsed President Kibaki’s campaign, leading Palaver to ask: who is fighting who here?

Poor Brits.

They travelled all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada, to gamble and lost badly. Just who told them Ricky Hatton was a boxer, not a street fighter? Now they know better. Not only was Hatton lagging behind Floyd Mayweather on all three judges’ score sheets when he was knocked out cold in the tenth round, he couldn’t hurt the American. Hatton could only charge forward like a drunken kamikaze fighter. Little wonder he walked straight into Mayweather’s left! No stiff upper lip here — just stiff upper cuts and a fat lip!

And finally...

Talking of kamikaze tactics:A Zimbabwe minister branded German Chancellor Angela Merkel a "racist" and a "fascist", for comments she made about his government damaging Africa’s image!