Monday, November 05, 2007

Brother Paul aka Kamlesh Pattni of the Goldenberg fame could wind up with a nice little toehold on kenyan parliament....and to think we scoffed when he made his first move with Mama Orange.....inMarakwet

In Garbatulla, Isiolo, two police officers were arrested in connection with the disappearance of Sh100, 000 belonging to ODM campaign team that visited the area last week.

The money went missing from a plane that the officers were manning .ODM supporters held a demonstration outside the local police post on learning that the money had been stolen. Officials said, "The officers stole the money from the plane crew as ODM officials conducted rallies in the town."
Police said the officers may be taken to court once investigations are complete.
That are we to make of the fact that the people arrested and charged with anti-ODM violence in Meru came from three different communities, including one solidly behind the candidacy of Mr Raila Odinga? Surely the people of Maua will be glad to be seen to be as open to the Opposition as, say, Kerugoya or Karagita have been. Or is it merely a sign that no-one is immune to the madness that can be induced by ‘campaign documents’?

Why does President Kibaki get to address a congregation inside Nairobi’s Holy Family Basilica, asks a curious Palaver reader, while his predecessor could only speak to the crowds at the church steps? We guess it has something to do with the fact that Kibaki is a Catholic and nothing whatsoever on the Church’s stand on that other contentious issue...and no wonder they are opposing Majimbo(devolution)......

On sins of omission and emphasis: Mr Raila Odinga reveals the existence of a ‘rigging squad’ at the Electoral Commission headquarters. But apparently nobody at that press conference thinks to go in search of those six men in that strongroom. Where are the dramatic pictures of ‘Ceii’ and his cronies fleeing the scene of the crime? Someone is getting away with something here.

It was one thing for Environment minister Mr David Mwiraria to lift the sand-harvesting ban (which apparently wasn’t really working), and quite another for him to let farmers and loggers back into the country’s forests. This is one giveaway that is really going to cost us. No more goodies from you, sir!

And finally...

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has inspired controversy while on a state visit to Britain. On arrival, he pissed off his hosts by announcing that the UK failed to act on information that "may have averted" the July 7 London bombings. Now a UK think tank has hit back with claims the Saudi regime is responsible for distributing hate literature in Britain. Expect much smiling and a quick change of topic.
Did he meant to say, You don't know how to fight Islam...