Friday, October 19, 2007


What is the hullabaloo about who will be the chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya on the election day? It won’t really matter in determining the election outcome since the role of the chairman is, apparently, to announce the winner of the presidential poll.

The counting clerks and returning officers are well placed to determine an election outcome (read rig) than ECK chairman. The period immediately after the election results are announced is likely to be a losers’ season of nursing broken hearts. How about — a Palaver fan suggests — someone setting up a post-election counseling clinic? Sounds a good idea but Palaver thinks most of the patients would be too broke to afford simple painkillers.

We have recently witnessed large crowds during the official launch of the presidential aspirants campaigns. Palaver wonders if different aspirants have been drawing different crowds or if we have crowds for rent in the city?

Some career! PNU supporters insist their outfit is an alliance of the Kibaki-friendly parties.
It is still a riddle under which party the President joined PNU or whether he will go down in history as a sole member of a national party.

And finally...

Now that the truth about the so-called General Mathenge is out, a section of the media has portrayed the Ethiopian peasant Lemma Ayanu as an impostor. He was never one. Kenyans literally dragged him from Ethiopia and branded him Mathenge in spite of his repeated denial. We really owe him an apology instead of vilifying him.