Monday, April 30, 2007


Kenya's Election 2007 promises to be a real humdinger and Agwambo has done it again.

If he meant it, then he did it. His imposing billboard at the Nairobi West roundabout is a distraction to the good works City Hall is doing on Lang’ata Road. A friend of palaver went round the roundabout thrice to enjoy himself. Agwambo never ceases to amaze.

The message on the billboard has left palaver wondering whether there is a bloodless coup in the offing?

Mr John Serut, the Mt Elgon MP, at one time threatened to quit Government if the State failed to stop the bloodletting in the district. What became of the threat even after 200 people died. Any lessons learnt from Danson Mungatana and Professor Kivutha Kibwana and their Third Progressive force?

Poor Musalia Mudavadi of the ODM-Kenya presidential bandwagon must be spending sleepless nights after it was revealed to him that sharks and baraccudas wearing the late Idi Amin’s attire had been dispatched to swallow the minnows and harmless sardines like him? Be bold enough and declare who this killer is. Or is the former VP being haunted by the ghost of the 2002 General Election when he was ordered to step down for Uhuru Kenyatta? Take heart and relax man, the professor has taken a back seat.

Indian police have rescued a 40-year-old woman who had been imprisoned by her in-laws in a dingy room for 15 years because she could not pay enough dowry. She was naked and locked in the room when policemen rescued her. She was admitted in a mental asylum as years of solitary confinement have taken a toll on her sanity.
What a world?

And finally …

Need to be sanitised? Are you a robber, a preacher with a dubious past, or a corrupt leader and wondering what to do for all these to end? Join ODM-Kenya and declare the only thing running in your veins is orange juice and no one will dare touch you as a host of lawyers, party goons and ‘luminaries’ will offer to die for your sake.