Monday, December 25, 2006

One of the cutest avatars for modern Muslimah's

KENYAN POLITICS......................

How can a man be so forceful a legal mind, but a political whimper and lightweight? When Paul Muite speaks on parliamentary Bills, law review and human rights’ violations, including against the Mau Mau, the world listens. But in politics, he misses the train often. Safina, his briefcase party, Charity Ngilu and 35 other groups — it would be a misnomer to ascribe the word party to them — have cobbled a Third Force in next year’s poll. In 2002, Muite first joined hands with Ford-People. When Narc won, he rushed to be incorporated!

It is no longer in doubt that Jesus was not born on December 25 and Christmas festivities are purely pagan and not Christian. Why, then, the hypocrisy the world over? Why not mark the day on the actual date?

And finally …
MPs all over the world seem to have skeletons in their cupboards. In Russia, they steal spoons from the restaurant in parliament. They are now given plastic ones.