Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Somalia PM walks out on Assistant minister By standard team

The Somalia Prime Minister, Mr Ali Mohammed Gedi, yesterday left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a huff after his host failed to honour an appointment.

Gedi and the Italian ambassador, Mr Enrico Gerardo De Maio, arrived at the same time to meet Assistant minister Mr Moses Wetang’ula.

Gedi was to brief the Sirisia Member of Parliament on the situation in his country.

Minutes before seeing De Maio, Wetang’ula popped out of his office and instructed that the Italian envoy be ushered in. The Italian went in and after a long wait Gedi left in a huff.

Elsewhere, Mr Ernest Munyi, the Coast PC, yesterday said the Government was closely monitoring unfolding events at Kismayo in Somalia.

Reports indicated that militants had taken over the town following fighting.

In a telephone interview, Munyi, said there were no reports of refugees coming in the country. Kismayo is 200km from Lamu town.

Meanwhile, Lamu residents have expressed fear over their security following the Kismayo takeover.

A retired Kenya Navy major, Mr Seif Sheyumbe, yesterday urged the Government to search vessels traveling between Kismayo and Lamu for small arms.