Thursday, September 07, 2006


If Raila Odinga's website is anything to go by, I think we will be seeing a new Kenya, where president or future prezzy's must maintain blogs and websites to explain their policies..and people can comment, without a lot of fuss.

If Raila is your president now, I think he will stand by his Pre-election Manifesto..some caption I wrote for you down here...But what do u think yourself? going by Kenya's Politics...?do u think he will come up with revised version of a manifesto like the Mount Kenya Mafias..did after Kibaki Tosha???

Raila by the way, has got a website, Raila for President which he uses to explain his policies and a tool for ascending to the State House of Kenya.He is planning to start a blog pretty be called Raila's Blog

In an interview, Raila was asked: What would be your priorities as president of Kenya?

and stated the following( excerpts from his website)

My priority will be to mobilise our enormous human potential and our natural resources and to use our strategic geographic situation for rapid socio-economic development. We intend to move Kenya in a generation from being a struggling, poor, third world country to developed country status.

In this regard, we shall:
• promote the development of the productive and service sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, large-scale agriculture and the infrastructure, in order to achieve as quickly as possible and to sustain a growth rate of more than 10 per cent per annum;
• institute systematic measures to eliminate corruption;
• eradicate ethnic-based politics and promote harmonious relationships among the tribes of our country;
• ensure our people’s access to factors of production and equitable distribution of the national wealth;
• devolve governance to empower the people to meaningfully participate in planning and management of their affairs;
• promote and protect fundamental and basic rights of the people;
• promote affirmative action to empower our women, youth, disabled and minority groups;
• complete the rehabilitation of all the nation’s roads, so that we have a proper and cost-effective physical communications network.
• expand our electricity-generating capacity to satisfy our growing industrial and domestic needs;
• promote urban renewal and reform of our local authorities to ensure efficient service delivery;
• promote renewal and sustainable use of the environment. Kenya is a blessed country, with bountiful wildlife, magnificent landscapes, awe-inspiring scenery and an abundance of natural resources. We need to safeguard it
• ensure that every Kenyan has access to clean water, effective healthcare and quality education and housing.

I think we need to give HIM a chance........Me thinks